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"Two Years of U & O" Book (Limited Edition)

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After making a comic every stinkin' week for two years, I decided to turn them into a book! This is the complete collection of those comics, plus "A Little Book", a foreword by the Purple Guy, and an intro by me!

This is my first full-length self-published book and Iā€™m selling my last 2 copies!

I do not intend to reprint this, so get one (or both) while you can!

216 pages. 5.5" x 8" x .65"

Note: Each copy comes with a personalized doodle, so be sure to specify who you'd like the book made out to :) If you leave it blank, I'll make it out to you!

Another note: As the self-publisher and sole-distributor of my books, unfortunately these are cheapest international shipping prices available. Thanks for understanding <3